Cathouse Gin

Beautiful. Hand crafted. Luscious.

Cathouse Gin: A New Mid-Atlantic Style Gin

The goal in crafting Cathouse Gin was to create the perfect example of the new Mid-Atlantic style of gin.  This style does not try to differentiate itself from the Dry London standard with unusual botanicals instead it achieves distinction by being softer, richer and broader in flavor.

A Gin Lover's Gin

Using a traditional ratio of Juniper to Coriander to our eleven third-order botanicals, including Elderberry and Rose Hip, Cathouse Gin intensifies the richness of the botanicals through a long maceration followed by a distillation deep into the thick and jammy gin tails.

Botanicals Macerating

Cathouse Gin macerates and distills with all the botanicals ensuring a full and rich flavor extraction.

We do this in a small pot still, by hand, one batch at a time.

Made at All Points West Distillery In Newark, NJ

Made with care in small batches in Newark's Ironbound. Come visit for a tour and tasting: